Turmoil In HEC

EDUCATION serves, at the veritably least, a binary purpose.

▪ On the one hand, education creates a professed, well- trained pool. An essential to a thriving private and public sector.

▪ On the other hand, through offering at a single position — the university — a Multifariousness of areas of study, a certain sensibility and culture is created.

Assembling scholars in a variety of disciplines the university cultivates a community, acknowledges the interconnectedness of distant fields of study and rudiments demanded to produce a vision for the unborn latterly to develop a sense of intention. Besides promoting advanced education a nation declares that it values learning for its own sake and welcomes the invention and creativity that frequently results.

In a perfect world the university becomes a point that transcends the petty pretensions of Napoleon that helps to elevate the requirements of society as a cooperative.

The Pakistani educational system fails to negotiate either of the pretensions outlined. Although we have seen the proliferation of universities over the last many decades, the utmost of them have shy academic norms that are run as businesses. And committed to the mass product of graduates with a substance of lack of education. It’s due to the lack of well-good faculty members but it’s also due to a lack of Fidelity. Elementary education as a whole. Similar institutions handed the Attendant with educational inadequacy. Alternate negative development is undermining their purpose (the forced mass product of‘exploration’ papers). The elaboration is taking place due to the requirements of a bureaucratized education system too lazy or unskillful to estimate the quality of exploration affairs independently. In Lieu it has substituted quality control of exploration with simply counting the number of exploration papers produced as a metric for assessing moxie. Set in stir this fluently gamed system they’ve set themselves up for wide fraud maturity of exploration papers produced at our institutions don’t pass rigorous critique.

However, it’s in journals with low norms or through the occasional arbitrary one passing the pollutants of peer review despite their. If they’re published at all. Medium. Prominently, in promoting exploration has therefore shifted from quality to volume and is being used to produce what Daniel J. Boorstein has called the “ vision  of knowledge” and as he states, it has become a handicap to discovery and the product of factual knowledge.

Aforementioned foist of quantitative criteria was introduced by the HEC which was formed during Gen Pervez Musharraf’s reign as military oppressor. HEC replaced the University Subventions Commission. Dr Atta-ur-Rahman was appointed as the speaker of the HEC. Stretch, the commission did some good work and its impact was overwhelmingly negative due to the Programs formulated by the HEC in shifting the emphasis from quality to volume. Adverse consequences that have been outlined above. There’s new fermentation in the system of advanced education in Pakistan. In order to bandy, proper perspective, it’s helpful to read, The Magna Charta of European universities, which was approved and espoused in 1988 in Bologna. While the entire document is of applicability to allowing about universities and advanced education, a particularly applicable part for Pakistan states that the university’s “exploration and tutoring must be innocently and intellectually independent of all  political authority and profitable power”. That is, government and business interests must not intrude in the handling of the university.

In the case of Pakistan, one may also add, that the university should be free of any externally assessed ideological constraints and recent changes made by the government, in the structure of the HEC has put the system of advanced education under government control, causing fermentation among the educated of Pakistan. These changes go against the Magna Charta substantiated over and are undermining the open and free atmosphere of universities and other institutions of advanced literacy and exploration in the country.

By constraining freedom of speech and study, openness to intellectual influence, and by assessing ideological constraints, the government is depriving the University of the Essential Constituents it needs to promote a culture of literacy, invention and creativity. Without these rudiments it’s undermining the veritably base for a thriving public culture.

Qurrait-ul-Ain Qureshi

Qurrait-ul-Ain Qureshi





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