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Just maxim across the video and it’s appalling how anyone thinks it’s fine to bash a civil servant like this. One thing is to be fully understood by every individual is, civil servants (CSPs) are a public servants, not private. Pose a question against Firdous Ashiq Awan that how dare you to be rude and who has given the right to disrespect a CSP. Civil servants are not granivorous they are not politicians.

Firdous Ashiq Awan is in a vetocracy. She doesn’t even know that a CSP is a person employed in the public sector not a panacea for politicians. She is a ventriloquist, instead of being a responsible politician. She pots calling the kettle blank and insulted her in a public. I want to recommend some suggestions for politicians that they must know how to respects industrious,  lead themselves not being convoluted fawning wither but to absolve the vicious behavior and nature. Great leaders use their minds to make decisions and know the limits of their expertise and knowledge they must pretend contrite on the situations which make them fault-findings.

American professors Milton Mayfield and Jacqueline have done a modest research in effective communication leadership the research model diffidence direction giving and meaning making and most important is empathy. These are the things leaders must address to motivate public to give their best. Politicians are responsible for systematic atrophy of politics in Pakistan.

Firdous ashiq awan always findings fault with others. she is voluble as well as vicious. It is impractical and unacceptable by mass because civil servants are the back bone of public. Politicians must know and admit that when they are wrong and share the pain of public, there’s a lot of politicians can learn from the civil servants. Don’t recreate the wheel and support your public servants, connect with citizens and support them.

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It’s also important to connect with people for the betterment of politics and youth. Ask civil servants to help and give them opportunities to do with all ease politicians don’t have to do all by themselves. Civil servants are ready and able to help but they are not for private or something relate to pivotal protocol given to you (Firdous Aapa), getter empowerment by peers and collaborate. Every level of politician is facing challenges but it is significantly higher to reach out and empower with civil servants. There are many more examples lessons learnings tips for politicians I would like if they are optimistic about their duties and taking responsibilities without even blatant.

Politicians must maintain high standards of behavior instead of bullying civil servants and try to make themselves futile forged politicians. One must know how to treat politics and eloquent about civil servants with respect and conformist with the law. It is important to persuasive civil servants from their behavior. Firdous Ashiq Awan damages the wider effectiveness of government too as well this is not a derring do but loquaciousness on it’s peak. Apart of that, Assistant Commissioner (AC) Madam Sonia proved her graciously self-effacing by not quibbling with Firdous garrulous.

Her derring-do, run-in rushed behavior landed her in hot waters. I would like to tell dear Firdous Ashiq Awan it is better to apologize and high time you give up your tongue in cheek attitude and become responsible and sober.

Qurrait-ul-Ain Qureshi

Qurrait-ul-Ain Qureshi





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