Teaching is to provide knowledge to someone about something. Teaching is an action in which a subject or educational text is presented to the individual pupils paying due regard to the psychological meet in such a way that the students understand and learn the things explained to them. In fact teaching is a pleasant mutual relation between the teacher, the student and the subject matter. It means that when a teacher presents education material of a subject for the students ,then he has to keep in mind the role of educational psychology of the students which may be concerned with all activities of the students with which they come across in the education surroundings. Thus, teaching should help the students in the development of their physical, mental , emotional and social aspects of life.

The teacher has to create interest among the students to understand and learn their courses of study, following a balanced educational program. He has to make this process more or less recreational. A psychological program which should cover all the aspects of students’ development with individual differences, nature and laws of learning, teaching subject, evolution of learning, mental health and trends guidance. In fact, teaching should provide knowledge to solve the students’ problems and through scientific analysis teachers have to get experience about the needs of students of every mental level.

A teacher should promote healthy and happy relationships between themselves and the students. They should guide their students in respect of all the subject material and try to utilize all the potential talents and energy of the students and directly and wisely try to create more interest in their courses of study.

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According to Burton, teaching is an inciting job. It is an insight and incentive type of guidance or encouragement of the students to learn anything taught to them. It is the name of a cooperative type of device which prepares students to display effective reactions according to the environment.

It becomes clear that teaching not only provides details about a subject to a student but influences the temperaments, inclinations, habits and mental abilities of the students. The students use these things to acquire actual stability with the environment.

Teaching adorns the emotions of an individual ,it is necessary for the right responsive reaction of the students to the subject matters to them that a teacher should teach paying due regard of the natural feeling of students and teach in such a positive way that their emotions are satisfied. in case he adopts a negative way than the activities of the students become unbalanced, teaching with the help of drama, photography, music and games etc. not only becomes interesting but invokes the student to learn the subjects taught to them.

Teaching is such an art which can neither be learnt not its skill be acquired overnight, it requires a prolonged practice to produce good habits when it is provided to the students paying due regard to the inclinations and interests. when it is accepted that it is a kind of an art then it’s rules and regulations have been followed to make it more effective and to render it to be a pleasant activity creating the best education relations between the students and teachers. For this purpose teaching should be governed the following principles:

  • Principle of incitement
  • Principle of readiness
  • Harmony with psychology
  • Harmony with life
  • Social adjustment
  • Combination of action and experiment
  • Mutual cooperation

The greatest teacher of the teachers is Allah. Allah taught the names of things to hazrat Adam a.s ,Allah is the first teacher in the teaching of mankind is started right from the creation of Adam a.s the father of mankind. In the primitive era, man learnt by erring, he experimented on things as he needed and acquired knowledge about them. As a society, went on progressive in new methods of teaching have been chalked out and new rules and regulations of teaching were framed. Besides them, some good traditions and maxims also point which were based on the experiences of several centuries. From the perusal of these maxims it is evident that they are the proofs of realities realized from time to time by our forefathers. They had turned every stone to make education effective and fruitful. Some of these maxima are enlisted below:

  • From easy to difficult
  • From known to unknown
  • From special to common
  • From whole to part
  • From material to non-material
  • From logical to psychological
  • Induction and deduction
  • From unscientific to scientific

Thus, the roots of teaching are joined with education. It means that something has to be learnt by teaching. Teaching by itself isn’t an art but it is a cooperative and common act which comes into existence by the cooperation of other things for which the mental activity of students is absolutely necessary.

Qurrait-ul-Ain Qureshi

Qurrait-ul-Ain Qureshi





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