Stop Body Shaming

Here is a long checklist to measure your beauty.

  • ‌Tall
  • ‌Pretty eyes
  • ‌Slim but not skinny
  • ‌Fair

You are ugly if you don’t fall under this checklist.

I want to share a few verses with you , and want to tell you some incidents. It is necessary to tell you that even if you don’t fit in this checklist you are beautiful too because I believe that our inner beauty shows us see the beauty in others. Most of the time beauty resides in the eyes of beholder.

When you enter in your classroom, you don’t want that people say ‘she looks like a boy, see dark skinned is here, or call this dwarf’. such names that your upper layer might handle but it breaks you from inside.

When we hit puberty, at that age, we get acquainted with several new emotions. We hit a set of new emotions just as feelings, blushing, smiling, love, attraction, infatuation, all these feelings what Bollywood categorises as ‘Love’ and love only happens with pretty girls and handsome boys too.

Beautiful girls who are picturised as Dream, who have no scars on their faces whatsoever who looks pretty even while crying, they don’t wear spectacles, they have no hair on their bodies Zero hair growth, unlike us, because when puberty hit me i got moustache, unibrow etc. With all emotions, I never liked people calling me a man when i enter the classroom and I am called ‘brother has arrived’ or a relative coming and telling your mom put curd or turmeric on her face, or how fat she is, or how skinny she is, don’t you feed her? Who will marry this black?

If you think people have stopped talking like this then you are wrong. It still happens even alot happens, so, during this phase, when i accepted that yes I am a tomboy and I accepted what I am and it is okay to be not in a checklist perfection. So every such girl becomes a tomboy she doesn’t have many options and she decides to be a tomboy or a felling less human being which we all know that we’re not.

Then a 15 year old teenager decided that she will not go to college like this, she will make herself look pretty for college , and to look pretty what would she do? She will try to fit in the checklist. She will straighten her hair, she will make herself look fairer and will remove all innocency on her face including moustache and unibrow, waxing and what what whatever pain she has to go through she will, but she will become pretty, but she will fit in the checklist at any cost.

Some girls did the same not me because I believe and I accepted as what i am at my teenage era. So when you running behind something insanely you lose yourself in the process, gradually it’s a process, that an individual used to look in the mirror while he/she saying that you are beautiful, you are perfect, you are pretty/handsome. Not only this, when i was in my teenage time in my school college somewhere out with other girls then i realised that no one calls onself pretty, everyone just pretends, everyone just wants to feel good by treating you down. So when I saw people calling themselves ugly, I told them that ‘You are beautiful and say this to yourself 1000 times a day’ while you are walking, stopping, getting up, sitting, sleeping, waking up seeing yourself in a mirror while smiling, shouting, looking at your reflection in someone else’s eyes without even thinking about how are they perceiving you. say this to yourself freely that you are beautiful.

Qurrait-ul-Ain Qureshi

Qurrait-ul-Ain Qureshi





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