In The UK, 870 Rape Culprits Pardoned For Saying Sorry

In the UK, 870 rape culprits have been pardoned for saying sorry.

In the last two years, 870 rape culprits in the UK have been pardoned for saying sorry and their names have not been added to the list of culprits.

They include criminals involved in a number of serious crimes. For example, there were 5 culprits who sexually abused children. The cases were dealt with through a ‘community resolution’ where the culprits simply said sorry for their crime and were acquitted.

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Very small cases like shoplifting are dealt with through community resolution. But the revelation that such a large number of sexual crimes, especially child sexual abuse, have been dealt with has caused a stir in the country. The police in the country are being sharply criticized for introducing a ‘community resolution’ scheme.

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