Facebook Likely To Change Its Name

Facebook, the largest social networking site and social media app, is planning to change its name.

Facebook is no longer just a social app or website, but more than a complete digital world. News is circulating that Facebook, the company that owns WhatsApp and Instagram, intends to change its name soon. Due to the daily changes in Facebook, it is being planned to give it a name that represents Metaverse (a completely different world away from reality).

According to media, Facebook’s name is likely to be decided during the annual conference chaired by Mark Zuckerberg on the 28th of this month. The new name and identity of Facebook can be changed in the month of October, as a result of which Facebook users will not face any problem.

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Even after the renaming of Facebook, it can still be used as a social media platform. The main purpose of bringing change in Facebook is to remove the stigma of social media from it and get rid of all the controversies related to it.

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