Apple Banned Quran Majeed Application At The Behest Of China

The US smartphone maker Apple has banned the Quran Majeed application at the behest of the government of China and removed the application from its App Store.

According to foreign media, the Quran Majeed app is one of the most popular applications in China. It is available worldwide on Apple’s App Store with over 1.5 million reviews. Millions of Muslims use this app on a daily basis.

At the behest of governmenr of China, Apple has banned the Quran Majeed application and removed the app from its App Store. PDMS, the company that made the Quran Majeed app, said in a statement that ‘according to Apple, our app, Quran Majeed, has been removed from the App Store in China because it contained content that required separate permission from Chinese authorities. We are trying to resolve this issue by contacting the Chinese authorities as soon as possible.’

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According to the company, there are more than 1 million users of the Quran Majeed app in China.

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