Free Cancer Treatment In Karachi

CyberK​nife radiation treatment for cancer is very expensive all over the world but this treatment is being provided free of cost in Karachi.

According to the local news website Daily Pakistan, Prof. Dr. Tariq Mahmood, Head of CyberKnife and Head of the Department of Radiology in Jinnah Hospital, Karachi, said that the Cyber​​Knife robot is used on stage one and two of Cancers. The first unit of Cyber​​Knife Robot was launched in 2012 and the second unit in 2019.

‘Cancer is treated with cyber knife radiation. This treatment is very expensive but we do it for free. We only treat patients who are likely to benefit’, He said.

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Prof. Dr. Tariq Mahmood said that cyber knife is used in different types of cancer. It has about 75 to 78 units across Pakistan but there should be 440 units for this treatment across the country.

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