Eight Killed In One Day In Lahore

Eight people, including two women, have been killed in a single day in Lahore.

In one day, eight people, including two women, were killed in Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab. Two people were killed in a transaction dispute in the Bhati Gate. Sufyan lost his life in a firing incident in Iqbal Town over a transaction dispute.

Meanwhile, 14-year-old Ali Hasnain was tortured to death in Shera Kot. In Johar Town, friends of a man named Khaliq left his body in a car and fled.

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In Ichhra, a young man was mysteriously shot dead. An investigation is underway into the mysterious death of a woman in Shad Bagh. while Nadia Jan, a mother of six, was shot dead and her husband Lal Mohammad was seriously injured when seven suspects opened fire in the house in Sundar.

According to the police, cases of all the incidents have been registered and legal action is being taken.

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