ARY Apologized To Ishaq Dar

Pakistan’s private TV channel ARY has apologized to PML-N leader and former federal finance minister Ishaq Dar.

ARY has apologized to Ishaq Dar for the false allegations. The channel has apologized following a London court ruling that was broadcast on ARY’s New Television.

The apology has been aired by ARY. The channel said in an apology that The ‘Reporters’ program was aired on New Vision Television on July 8, 2019 in which Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain and Sabir Shakir claimed that Ishaq Dar stole money from the government of Pakistan and was ready to return money over the permission to come back to Pakistan.

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It was also claimed that Ishaq Dar’s bank accounts had been traced to contain about one billion dollars stolen. Further commentary was made on the program, which claimed that Ishaq Dar had made death threats against a person so that he could leave Pakistan.

‘We are ready to accept Ishaq Dar’s position. Firstly, he did not steal any money from the government of Pakistan. Secondly, no bank account of Ishaq Dar was found. As a result, there is nothing about stealing money. Thirdly, the claim of Ishaq Dar to return the money on condition that he is allowed to return to Pakistan is false and fabricated. Fourthly, Ishaq Dar did not make any death threats to anyone,’ ARY said in apology statement.

ARY has also apologized in its apology for Arshad Sharif’s Power Play program. The program was aired on August 8, 2019 in which it was alleged that Ishaq Dar was in charge of the financial monitoring unit during the PML-N regime but he did not allow the agency to function.

ARY said that ‘we unconditionally apologize to Ishaq Dar for the inconvenience, anxiety and embarrassment caused by the content broadcast in the programs. We are prepared to pay appropriate damages and bear legal costs for Ishaq Dar’s defamation’.

Ali Dar, son of Ishaq Dar, while sharing the video of ARY’s apology on twitter, wrote that it was a historic victory in the case against Ishaq Dar’s ARY group in the British High Court. It has also been proven in the UK that there is no corruption and no undeclared assets.

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