Girl Turns Green After Using Expired Cream

You have often heard that white skin color is a symbol of beauty. Some people like the tan color while there are some people who like some dark color. Now on TikTok, a girl has shown her skin color by sharing a video which has turned green due to the application of expired cream.

In the UK, a girl accidentally used a bad or expired tanning cream, which has turned her skin color green. Saskia, a resident of London, shared a video on her TikTok account showing the skin color that has turned green with the use of expired cream.

Girl Turns Green After Using Expired Cream

Saskia said in the video that she thought she had used a faulty tanning cream, but when she read about the use of that cream on the jar, it had expired an year ago.

My skin has been green for several days now and I don’t know when it will return to its original color, she said.

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Saskia warned people to check the date of use before using any product.

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