Aliens Involved In Facebook, Instagram And WhatsApp Service Down

Previous days, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp service was down for 7 hours all over the world, which is said to involve Aliens.

A statement issued by the Facebook administration said that Facebook and its subsidiary social media platforms went offline due to the glitch, however, various conspiracy theories are circulating in this regard.

Many claimed it was the work of hackers who stole the private data of billions of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users.

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However, now another surprising claim has come to light in this regard. According to foreign media, 74-year-old operations expert Yuri Geller has claimed that Aliens were involved in the service down of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Yuri said in a tweet that the National Security Agency and the Pentagon were investigating the incident. Space creature’s technology can do all this. Human nuclear ballistic missile systems are at risk. Russia and China are also involved.

He added that space creatures are also targeting nuclear weapons on Earth.

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