Legendary Comedian Umer Sharif Passes Away

Pakistan’s legendary comedian and stage king Umer Sharif, who made the world laugh, has passed away in Germany after a long illness.

Legendary comedian Omer Sharif was being taken to the United States for treatment when his health deteriorated due to pneumonia. During a stopover in Germany and he was admitted to a local hospital.

The air ambulance also had technical problems, due to which arrangements were made to take him to the United States by an alternative plane, but decided to wait until his health improved. But Umer Sharif, who made the world laugh, has passed away in Germany.

Umer Sharif had a heart attack after which he recovered. But a month later, his condition worsened and he was taken to hospital. It was later revealed that Umer Sharif’s illness could not be cured in Pakistan so he needed to be taken to the United States. Umar Sharif had also appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to make arrangements for sending him to the US for treatment.

The federal and Sindh governments tried their best to send Umar Sharif to the United States for treatment. when he was being taken to the United States in an ambulance, he was stopped in Germany where he was taken to a local hospital in. Today he has passed away in the same hospital. The Sindh government had arranged a US visa for Umar Sharif’s treatment and also released Rs 40 million for his treatment.

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