Seeing Young Son Together, People Think Him My Boyfriend : Mathira

Pakistan’s Renowned TV host and actress Mathira says that people think of my boyfriend when they see my young son together.

Speaking in a podcast with showbiz star Fareeha Altaf, Mathira said that her elder son is 15 years old and very smart and seeing the young son together, people think he is my boyfriend.

‘Being a mother is a great feeling. After the birth of the eldest son, many joys came in life and fate became kind. My son is very smart and tall’, Mathira said.

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Mathira said that my son also faced difficulties with me, his grandmother plays an important role in bringing up children.

Mathira added that we should fully support the daughters. This thing should be prevalent in the society that it is important to take care of girls. After what happened to me, my mother was very supportive and guided me in everything.

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